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Scaling Operations For Festive Season

Festival season is coming and every marketplace is expecting a huge jump in orders. As per a report published in Economics Times, this year the major marketplaces are expecting a 3X jump in shipments compared to last year. So what does that mean to you as a seller? Every seller on these marketplaces can expect [...]

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How to register on Flipkart marketplace as a seller?

Flipkart is an excellent platform to sell. In fact, digital is the way forward and if your business is not prepared to go online, you might have to suffer major losses. And a platform like Flipkart offers immense opportunity for any seller. Already a popular online platform, Flipkart has excellent visibility and therefore sellers register [...]

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Why Branded Manufacturer’s should sell directly online?

We often come across questions as to why branded manufacturers should sell online when the visit-to-store culture has been a part of our lives for so long. Well, ask yourself why not? In the past the ideal approach for a branded manufacturer would be to identify the market where he or she thinks the product [...]

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How to register a proprietorship firm in India

These days, we witness a lot of startups making their way into the world of business. The world is buzzing with young enthusiastic entrepreneurs tinkling with astounding ideas and concepts waiting for the whole world to take advantage of. Such an enterprise or a business which is run by a single individual is termed as [...]

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How to start selling online

Online selling has been creating a buzz over the years. There is growing a frenzy among companies of all sizes and nature to jump the bandwagon to mint money. Though companies sell products and services through physical stores, selling online helps target a wider market. eCommerce biggies with the likes of Flipkart, Amazon, and more [...]

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