The Diwali big billion days just ended. We can understand your pain, as bulk sales across multiple channels lead to inefficient sales management. Easyops is here to help you out. We’ve come up with a strategy so as to help you keep a track of your GMV and sales post the diwali period.
Let’s take this one by one.

Order Management:

How many orders were processed during the sale period? How many of these are under the process of being returned? How many orders have been paid for already? The Easyops dashboard provides an answer to all these questions and many more!

Inventory Management:

Are my products out of stock? Has my inventory synced correctly across all the channels that I operate on? What channels gave me the best sales for this month? What is Virtual Inventory and how can I benefit from it? Is there a way to automate and sync my inventory across all the channels that I sell on?


Let’s face it : As an online seller, collecting payments is the toughest task of your daily routine. Easyops makes it easier for you to segregate payments channel-wise as well as status-wise (paid/unpaid). Easyops provides answer to all your payments-related queries like: What orders have been paid/unpaid for? Which e-commerce channel owes me money and how much?


Cancellations and returns are one of the toughest challenges while selling online. Easyops checks for reconciliations after the payment has been processed. Reconciliations help you understand how much of a monetary refund you are supposed to obtain from a channel in case of returns and order cancellations.
Stock Synch
With hundreds of orders being dispatched everyday you need an automated stock synchronization model to keep track of the exact quantity and warehouse location of every product. Easyops does exactly that for you with the click of a few buttons. You can sit in your office and manage your inventory remotely across all your warehouses.

Accounting and Invoicing:

Most of us use Tally and/or other equivalent softwares for book-keeping, accounting and tax filing. Easyops links with your Tally automatically and fetches the necessary data from your account to draw of clear picture of the taxes you’re paying and the turnover you are generating. The software fetches all the necessary data (with your authorization, of course!) from your accounting records to tell you which e-commerce platform you should invest in the most.


With tax brackets and SPF policies being revised yearly, it is nearly impossible to (manually) calculate what your operating margins should be. Leave all of these calculations to the Easyops tax calculator. Let it do all the work while you lay back and sip on that coffee.
What are you waiting for? Let your accountant take the Diwali break that he/she deserves. Easyops is here to help! 